"The works of Shakespeare are like rocket boosters to the brain." 
 - Science Digest 

The Shakespeare Institute of Nevada offers a rotating selection of classes and workshops year round.  Enrollment deadlines are open, but classes are strictly limited to 12 participants. Contact us for curent schedule information.  

Workshops cover:
  • Voice training for meaning and emotion
  • Verse training, close reads, scansion
  • Sonnets, soliloquies, and scenes in performance
  • Exercises for warmup and to sharpen emotive skills
  • Movement as communication


Do you have a passion for the Bard's work and a desire to impart that passion to others? 
The Shakespeare Institute of Nevada is always looking to add to its roster of dedicated performers. We value the unique gifts each of our members brings, and as such, we audition all actors regardless of experience level with Shakespeare's work. All you need is a genuine desire to learn and collaborate with the rest of us on our mission. 

If you are interested in auditioning or volunteering your talents backstage, in administration, or with fundraising work, please either head over to our Contact page to send us a message or feel free to email us at:

We look forward to working with you!